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Healthcare Dome: Cluster Headache

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Cluster Headache

Cluster Headache

What is Cluster Headache ?

-A type of headache that is known as suicide headache
-recur in over a period of time
-Nocturnal attack pain started after one to two hours after bed
-experience an epidose one to three times a day during a period of time
-most common in man than woman

Symptoms of Cluster Headache
nasal discharge
tearing of the eyes
facial swelling
one sided pain
pale skin on the eyes
drooping eyelid

Cluster headache trigger (Causes)
alcohol consumption and smoking
drugs like histamine and nitroglycerin 
Changes of weather
Family history
Test and diagnosis

neurological examination
computerized tomography CT scan
magnetic resonance imaging ( MRI )


●Acute treatment

* oxygen
* trip tans inject able from of sumatriptam (mitrix) treatment for migraine
Uncontrollable high blood pressure and heart disease are not recommended to administer this drug
* zolmitriptan (zomig) nasal spray
* octreotide(sanodostatin)an inject able synthetic version of the brain hormone somatostatin
* local anaesthetic such as lidocaine
* dehydroergotamine

●Preventive treatment

*calcium channel blocker Verapamil
*Nerve blocker
* ergot available as tablet
* melatonin


The above image shows the Deep Brain/ Hypothalamic stimulation , a surgical treatment for cluster headaches developed by Italian researchers 

managing tips

* avoid taking alcohol
* avoid smoking
* have a an adequate rest and normal sleeping habit
* avoid stress
* Proper healthy diet

Information source
Mayo clinic

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