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Healthcare Dome: Nose Bleeding

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Nose Bleeding

What will you do ..When you wake up in the morning and suddenly your nose is bleeding?
Well this article will help you to understand some important tips on how to do some first aid and knowledge concerning nose bleeding.


>is a loss of blood from tissue lining and most occur in one nostril only.
>know as epistaxis in medical term
>a flow of blood from a rupture of blood vessels
> It is not a serious case and can handle easily if you have a proper knowledge
> tend to occur during winter and summer
> occur in any age but most common on age 2 to 10 years old and old aged people


Anterior Nosebleed
>Bleeding comes from the front of the nose.
>90 percent of nosebleed are anterior
Posterior Nosebleed
>bleeding comes from the artery in the back of the nose.
>elderly people often experience it.
>more complicated and need some medical intervention by an otolaryngologist ( an ears,nose and throat specialist)


very cold and dry air
irritation cause by allergies,colds and sneezing
blowing the nose very hard or picking the nose.
deviated septum
Chemical irritant
nose injury such as broken nose.
anti-coagulant such as warfarin(coumadin) or aspirin may cause or worsen nosebleed
high blood pressure


 Heavy bleeding from the nose.
 dizziness due to excessive bleeding and loss of blood


First Aid📌
Step 1
Sit the casualty down and advice them to tilt their head forward.
Step 2
Advice the casualty to breath through their mouth and pinch the soft part of their nose
Step 3
Reassure the casualty and advice them to pinch their nose for ten minutes
Step 4
After ten minutes has passed, ask the casualty to release the pressure ( this can be done for two further ten minutes period)
Step 5
If the bleeding continue after 30 minutes, contact the emergency service to arrange casualty 's removal to hospital

Home care!
place a covered ice pack on the bridge of the nose
avoid blowing your nose, bending down and strenuous activity for at least 12 hours after the nosebleed. .try to keep the head above level to your heart during this time of incident.

Medical treatment
nasal packing
antibiotic if nosebleed cause by infection such sinusitis
Cautery is a minor procedure that cauterise (burn) the blood vessel where the bleeding is coming from


Avoid picking your nose or blowing hard
Stop smoking .. smoking lead nasal dryness or irritation
During winter and cold dry climate use humidifier in your home.
Use petroleum (Vaseline) or Over the counter nasal spray or a saline spray to keep your nasal passage moist.

Doctor's advice is better than self treatment.. health is wealth and knowledge is power .. combine it
Knowledge of health is powerful than wealth!

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